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Cashbery company site:

I hasten to share with you good news - finally I found a more reliable long-term investment of money!

Cashbery Holding specializes in issuing microloans and lending to small and medium-sized businesses, investing its own funds, and attracting investors' money. This is beneficial for everyone:

  • Investors - an additional weekly income.
  • Borrowers - an opportunity to borrow in Kashbury on favorable terms.
  • Cashbery - increase in turnover and profitability of the company, issuing more loans due to attracted funds from investors.

I became even more serious about her when she released her own cashboxy CashberyCoin, which is already on the exchange - I, as a programmer, know the potential of the crypto-currency market, so I was very pleased with this news.

Personally, I single out the following main advantages of this investment company:

In due course, when you will more and more study the company, you will get acquainted with other interesting opportunities, such as: office program, my safe deposit box, video training on financial literacy, director's work and more.

And now I will describe how to make a simple investment and make a profit. Consider how much you can earn by investing 100,000 rubles. There are several types of contribution. For example, we will choose "Loans for small and medium-sized businesses". The term of this deposit will be 400 days, and payments will be made every day. By investing this money, you will receive 900 rubles each day. Thus, the invested amount will return in 112 days. And then passive income will go on. Of course, you might think that this is a long time, but reliability is worth it!

It is not necessary to save 100 000 r. for start. You can take yourself for a rule: with each project or salary paid, half invested in the company Cashbery. Or at least 5 000 rubles. every month. And in a year you will receive a profit of more than 20,000 rubles, and in two years more than 150,000 rubles. I made these calculations with full insurance of deposits. On insurance, be sure to read below (in the section "Be sure to insure your deposits").

You can use my developed tool to calculate profit. To do this, click on this banner:

Is it a reliable company?

While I carefully analyzed Cashbery , I looked through all their videos, as well as various reviews. Personally, they inspire confidence, because they:

  1. They Constantly expand the geography of the company. Latin America is also joining the company. Now they are mostly in Russia, but there are also offices in Mexico.
  2. Already now they are building a plant called Cashbery Wellness to develop their own food products: complexes of vitamins and minerals, cocktails and refreshing necks, protein bars, etc. In general, biologically active additives, dietary supplements. As far as I know, they plan to develop household chemistry and perfumery.
  3. Arrange various charitable funds to help sick children.
  4. There is a store called "Cashbery Store" for the sale of digital equipment.

Each direction and activity they support on their YouTube channel .

Already more than a year and a half of the company's activity has been written about them on various media sources, for example, on one of Vesti's most popular news channels:

Cashbery Holding specializes in issuing microloans and lending to small and medium-sized businesses, investing its own funds, and attracting investors' money. The investment platform successfully operates on the Internet and offline, constantly opening new representative offices.

The company has an official website, which is an investment service that allows investors to lend, and borrowers receive money on loan. The work is carried out in three directions: microcrediting private individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as loans secured by property. The holding unites several companies and plans further development with the involvement of new partners.

The issuance of loans is far from being the whole list of affairs that Cashbery does. They have a direction "League of Auctioners", in which you can also participate in trading on the exchange, bankruptcy, mortgage loans and municipal property. On the "League of Auctioners" to paint in this article until I will, because the topic is complicated. Beginning investors can try with investing in loans, and then eventually independently consider the direction of the "League of Auctioners."

You can get acquainted with the company in more detail from the video, in which director Arthur Vardanyan himself tells about Cashbery:

This video last year. At the moment the company has developed strongly: already more than 150 offices are open all over the world, and some tariffs have been replaced by others.

I also want to note that recently, the Auto Program Blago has been launched in Cashbery: any participant in the project can lease a new car at 3.5% per annum with an initial contribution of 20% of the full value of the car - this is an excellent opportunity for car lovers.

Returning to the question of the reliability of the company, you generally need to ask yourself, and what in our world is reliable? Can we guarantee something? If you philosophically approach this issue, you can come to the conclusion that there is no guarantee anywhere. Even popular and reliable banks can close. But if we talk about investment companies, then surely the company Cashbery far surpasses in reliability than other companies. Personally, my opinion: you should strive to work with such reliable companies.

I propose to watch one of your favorite videos about the construction of a plant for the production of its own range of food products:

My investment in Cashbery

Below is a portion of my investment and income for 2 months, beginning in December 2017.

Депозиты в Кэшбери

In total, my contribution for 2 months is: 14 535 rubles (considering the purchase of insurance).

Structure of partners for additional income

The Cashbury Company provides additional earnings by attracting new investors for your affiliate link. She is in my account in the "Desktop" section:

Партнёрская программа в Кэшбери

This company has implemented a five-level partner system. Depending on the purchased tariff referral you receive a certain percentage immediately (up to 5% of the deposit amount) and then another percentage of the daily charging of your referral (up to 5%).

For example, if the investor involved in your affiliate link opens a deposit of 200,000 rubles, then you will receive 7,000 rubles (200,000 rubles * 0.07 - a percentage for the Prime rate). Such a person will be considered your partner of the 1st level. If you register with his affiliate link, then such person will already be a partner of the 2nd level for you and so on.

The Cashbery  site is beautifully made: they tried to even stylishly visualize the structure of the investor's partners:

Структура партнёров в Кэшбери

In the center of the circle are you, that is your ID. And around - your partners. You can click on the partner's ID and see the information on its attachments - for statistics it is very convenient. In general, I was pleasantly surprised when in the "Partners" section I saw statistics on partner investments: the volumes of structures of different levels, the total volume of the structure and the amount of auxiliary branches, and so on.

Статистика партнёров в Кэшбери

Perhaps you do not understand what the branches are - I did not understand myself until I started working with the company, so everything will come with time, when you start investing and attracting people.

Below is my actual statistics on attracting partners:

Bonus program

Cashbery allows additionally to earn not only on a partner program, but also at achievement of personal activity in the project and activity of your partners!

So you can earn an additional 5,000 rubles. when moving to the next level of managerial activity:

Менеджерская активность в Кэшбери

Rewarding the activity of your partners:

Партнёрская активность в Кэшбери

For example, your partners have invested in the amount of 300 000 rubles, you get a reward of 12 000 rubles.

From my personal observation in Cashbery  the most cool bonus system!

Be sure to insure your investments

Cashbery unites both creditors and borrowers, acting as an intermediary. In fact, we give loans to people, and the company organizes it all, distributing our funds among borrowers to reduce the risk of non-return of funds. Nevertheless, these credit risks are (for example, non-return of money) and they fall on our shoulders, on investors. But, fortunately, Cashbery provides 2 insurance for our deposits:

"Reliable contribution" - the company guarantees that it will fully pay the investment.
"Reliable Borrower" - the company guarantees that it will pay the expected profit from your contribution.
Under the terms of the company, in order to take advantage of the "Reliable Borrower" insurance, you need to purchase the "Reliable Deposit" insurance.

I strongly recommend that you use deposit insurance, but not immediately buy, but individually, that is, first choose the "Reliable Deposit" insurance, then make a deposit and only then buy the "Reliable Borrower" insurance (why in the next section):

Страхование в Кэшбери

If you do not insure your contribution, then there is a possibility of deposit frost due to non-payment of money by borrowers. But if this happened, then do not despair, because you can at any time buy the necessary insurance. The only inconvenience is that you will wait to unlock the deposit:

  1. For insurance "Reliable deposit" payments are renewed for 11 days.
  2. For insurance "Reliable Borrower" payments are renewed for 26 days.

Reduce the cost of buying insurance by 2%

I noticed one interesting feature: when you buy 2 types of insurance at once, it turns out more expensive than to buy insurance "Reliable deposit" first, to make a deposit, and afterwards to buy "A reliable borrower".

Consider the example of the contribution of a sum of 5000 rubles. If we immediately take 2 insurance:

Инвестирование со страховкой в Кэшбери

то за неё платим 1500 рублей (5000 р. (вклад) - 3500 р. (оставшаяся сумма инвестиций) = 1500 р.):

Но если мы сначала приобретаем только страховку "Надёжный вклад":

Инвестирование со страховкой Надёжный вклад в Кэшбери

costing 500 rubles. (5000 rubles (contribution) - 4500 rubles (the remaining amount of investment) = 500 rubles), then we will be offered to buy it not for 1000 rubles, but for 900 rubles:

Покупка страховки Надёжный заёмщик в Кэшбери

It turns out that if we immediately buy 2 insurance, then we pay 1500 r. (30%), and if separately, we pay 1400 rubles. (28%), that is less by 2%.

I checked with other amounts - it also turns out cheaper by 2%. Essential for large investments: from 20,000 rubles. save 400 rubles, and from 200 000 rubles. already 4 000 rubles.

I do not know why this is done in Cashbery: maybe it will be forgiven by programmers or such a loyal program has already opened deposits, although it would be possible to do the opposite if you immediately buy, then it costs less than separately. Whatever it was, as you can see, this can be saved.

But that's not all! You can save even more, read below how to do it.

Strategy of saving on insurance

Since we can not leave insurance, because it is better to insure your contribution in order to avoid its freezing, I calculated the most profitable strategy for buying insurance. It consists in the fact that we first open the deposit without any insurance, then when the sufficient amount for insurance has accumulated, we buy the insurance "A reliable deposit", and finally, when the total profit from the deposit allows you to buy the "Reliable Borrower" insurance, then its and we buy. Let's call this strategy "Buying insurance from the profit of the deposit."

Let's look at the example of 10 000 p.

The profit from such a contribution will be 0.8% (80 rubles per day), then on the 13th day we will accumulate 1,040 rubles, which will allow us to buy insurance "Reliable deposit" for 1,000 rubles. And for 39 days you can buy a "reliable borrower" and continue to make a profit of 80 rubles. in a day. In this scenario, the amount of profit will exceed the deposit amount on the 164th day.

But if we immediately buy first "Reliable deposit", then we will immediately reduce the contribution to 9,000 rubles. and accordingly at a profit of 0.8% per day we get a daily charge of 72 rubles. Then on day 26 we will be able to buy the "Reliable Borrower" insurance and continue to make a profit of 72 r. in a day. With this calculation, the amount of profit will exceed the deposit amount on the 165th day. It seems just for 1 day more, but notice that the daily profit of 8 rubles. less: instead of 80 p. we obtain 72 p. In this scenario, by the end of the 400th day, the profit will be 2000 rubles. less (26 928 rubles instead of 28 920 rubles) than in the first considered strategy "Purchase of insurance from the profit of the deposit."

If we immediately buy two types of insurance, then the total profit will exceed the deposit amount on the 180th day!

To make it clearer, I developed the Kashbury Deposit service, where you can visually see the benefits of my strategy:

I also want to note that when using the strategy "Buying insurance from the profit of a deposit" there is a small risk that within 13 days there will be a freeze of the deposit, but judging from the video from Youtube, one can conclude that if there is a frost, much later. But even if there was a frost, then you can wait 10 days until the deposit is defrosted - it will still be more profitable than taking any insurance immediately.

And finally I want to say: always peek through every little investment project - somewhere and there will be ways to reduce costs or save on buying any insurance.

About the insurance you can read in the section "Insurance of risks" in the personal account on the site Cashbery .

CashberyCoin - a new crypto currency from the company Cashbery

In July 2018, there was a long-awaited event - the creation of the CashberyCoin crypto currency and its exit to the stock exchanges! At the beginning of August 2018, its capitalization is $ 20,000.

This Crypto currency is an order of magnitude more efficient: more reliable, faster transfer between purses and low commission cost of sending a transfer.

Honestly, with the release of the CashberyCoin crypto currency, I became even more serious about the company: entering the stock exchanges is a big deal! Now the company has a huge potential, thanks to the advantages of this crypto currency.

You can read more about this crypto currency on the site in the "CashberyCoin ICO" tab.

Cashbery company website:


If you have questions, then write - I will be happy to help!

Successful financial prosperity!


P. S. I appeal to users of Cashbery, if you want to add your comment on my site, please do not post your referral links. I invest a lot of time and energy in order to explain everything intelligibly to people about investment companies. Remuneration for my work - partner deductions transferred to my referral link. And placing your referral links is at least an ugly act on your part. These links will be deleted. I ask, respect the work of other people.

Also comments of people with negative will be deleted in the direction of the company without the confirmed information.


P. S. S. All articles and suggested ways of earning are passed through my personal experience and placed for you for informational purposes, therefore only you are responsible for your actions. Please do not forget about it. If you are new to investing, then read my article: Investor's Rules

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