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Maltsev Artem's Personal Site

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Hello, visitors of my blog

Artem Maltsev

My name is Maltsev Artjom. This site consists posts of different themes: technical posts, about health and sport, about flowers and others - and I'm glad that you are on this page and want to know about me more. Allow to tell about me, who I am:

Artem Maltsev

Director of web studio "Viva IT Studio"


Web-developer, having the knowlenge of programming language - Python, framework - Django, content management system - Django CMS, platform of e-commerce site - Django Shop and many other applications, using this technologies.


Co-owner of Lonx company - we-shop by selling of youth and sport cloths


Owner of Levels application - social network for people who conduct an active and healthy way of life


Participant in the development of applications, including the Django CMS and the Django Shop.


Owner of blog by different themes, author of more 150 posts of technical themes.


Translator of Django Shop documentation - platform for the creation of online store


Author of book "Deploy Django Site"


Developer of more 30 plugins for sites, created on Django CMS


Author of service "Deposit Calculator"


Author of service "Export data from Trello"


Author of the first russian-speaking guide on Django CMS

If you want to cooperate with me or you have questions, then you always write me to or call by phone 8 908 66 85 382 - I'm glad to talk with you!

In free time I do sports, take care of flowers, from time to time take pictures and shoot videos and their mount. I conduct a healthy way of life and involve people to the sport. If you want to practice together - write me! I listen slow nice composition, but sometimes I listen easy rock. I sing good different songs. I like to notice the beauty in ordinary things :)

Now you know more about me, and if you have interesting ideas, report me - I am open to dialogue!

My contacts:


Phone: 8 908 66 85 382




There is no search on this site, so I offer to use usual search engine, for example, Google, adding "vivazzi" after your request.

Try it